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DC is sick

Me n my boy ABE

Me n my boy ABE

Does anyone in Tallahassee/Pensacola/Panama City/Jacksonville need a ride AND hotel for This Is Hardcore? $70 for gas and $153 for hotel, staying at the Embassy Suites next to Logan Square.

haven’t posted anything in a long while because this website sucks but whatever


KEYSER SOZE - http://keysersozekills.bandcamp.com/
BAD HABITS - http://badhabitsfl.bandcamp.com/
GUILTY CONSCIENCE - http://guiltcon.bandcamp.com/
JUNGLE LAW - http://junglelaw.bandcamp.com/
COLD HEARTED - http://coldhearted.bandcamp.com/
SAUL - http://saulhc.bandcamp.com/
AXIS - http://axisfl.bandcamp.com/
BLISTERED -  http://blistered.bandcamp.com/
SHOVELHEAD - http://shovelhead.bandcamp.com/
BEASTPLAGUE - http://beastplague.bandcamp.com/
HARBINGER - http://harbingerfla.bandcamp.com/
HIT LIST - http://hitlistxxx.bandcamp.com/
TRUTH INSIDE - http://truthinside.bandcamp.com/
METH MOUTH - http://methmouthpv.bandcamp.com/
WORN OUT - http://wornout.bandcamp.com/
KICKTURN - http://kickturnhc.bandcamp.com/
OUR KIND - http://ourkind.bandcamp.com/
SLOWBURN - http://slowburnhc.bandcamp.com/
UNIFIED RIGHT - http://unifiedright.bandcamp.com/
POINT BLANK - http://pointblankhc.bandcamp.com/
PATIENCE - http://patiencefl.bandcamp.com/
3 KNEE DEEP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBMsocvocX0
FORBIDDEN SIGHT - http://forbiddensight.bandcamp.com/
FOURTH SON - http://fourthson.bandcamp.com/
SUPER MUTANT - http://supermutant.bandcamp.com/

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Snap me: masterxkiller

Snap me: masterxkiller


please don’t play the victim as a way to get out of every situation you’ve ever messed up in